Zen Athlete “The Secrets to Achieving Your Highest Potential” book and program was designed to help athletes master the mental game of sport. It is a compilation of the best strategies to help you master your mind, body and spirit. To use your sport as an opportunity, reach higher states of consciousness. Although geared towards athletes this is a handbook for reality creation.

Check out the Matt Belair podcast where I interview the most conscious, inspiring, leaders and thinkers on the planet and share their stories, lessons and wisdom to help you master your mind body and spirit.

With great success coaching world class athletes on mastering the mental game of sport and helping individuals design and create the life of their dreams I have an arsenal of tools to take you to the next level. If you are looking to go down the path of self discovery and elevate your consciousness, expand your horizons, break past limitations, and achieve your peak potential this coaching is for you.

Living a life that has given me a wealth of experience and knowledge on mindset, self development, zen, consciousness, leadership, spirituality, energy work and more has allowed me to share these concepts with great passion. Inquire to have me speak on any of the these topics at your next event.

# 36 | How to Reach a State of Positive Change with Gary Szenderski

Author of SZEN Zone Gary Szenderski drops by to discuss how we can reach a state of positive change. Here are some topics covered in this episode;

– Some key concepts for positive growth
– Learning how to leg go
– How to change our patterns
– Personal stories to help transformation
– The importance of believing in yourself
– How to create financial abundance

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# 35 | Chakras, Existential Cartography, Alchemy, Full Spectrum Awareness and More (MIND BLOWING)

Sean brown drops by the podcast once again and he goes next level! This episode is a real mindblower and thankfully there are some visuals to go along with it. The information is so deep it may be hard to keep up, however it’s all rooted in science and extremely fascinating. Here are some topics we cover;

– Chakras explained like you’ve never heard before
– Full spectrum reality and movious strips
– World of polarity
– Cleansing and activating chakras
– Alchemy
– Existential cartography and mapping out existence
– Mythology and tapping into archetypes

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#32 | Idil Ahmed @Idillionaire: How to Transcend Your Limitations and Live a Life of Love and Possibility

In this episode spirituality and conscious influencer Idil Ahmed from @Idillionaire on Twitter and Instagram and shares some incredible insights. This podcast goes deep! Here are some of the things you’ll discover;

– Quickly learn why more than 1 million people follow @Idillionaire and love her teachings
– The importance of asking questions
– Identifying fundamental beliefs and the importance of living in imagination
– Learning as a life long process

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