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Learn how to Snowboard in 6 Easy Steps NOW! Full Instructional Video!

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Here is a complete video that I made a few years back that will teach you everything you need to know to learn how to snowboard from the very basics of learning about the board to carving confidently down the hill and everything in between. This video will teach you – How to choose your stance – How to skate and move on the board – How to strap in your bindings – How to get on and off the chairlift – How to slide down the hill on your…read more

Law of Attraction Q&A Show with Michael Losier

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The law of attraction is a very real and powerful universal force that everyone can easily access. Unfortunately most people don’t have the necessary information to put the law of attraction to work in their lives. Michael Losier fuses the law of attraction, NLP and accelerated learning techniques to help you understand what the law of attraction is, how it works, why you’re attracting the things you don’t want and finally a process for deliberate attraction. He has made a name for himself as the “how to” guy and even…read more

10 Powerful Quotes by Thomas Edison that Could Change Your Life

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Thomas Edison was one of the greatest minds and inventors in recent history. He was an astounding 1,093 patents, which included the light bulb, storage battery, the electric generator just to name a few. He was truly a remarkable man and when you begin to learn about him your realize his biggest reason for success wasn’t talent, it was hard work and self belief. The following are 6 powerful quotes that will inspire you to take action on your dreams!     It is obvious that Edison valued himself, the…read more