Zen Athlete “The Secrets to Achieving Your Highest Potential” book and program was designed to help athletes master the mental game of sport. It is a compilation of the best strategies to help you master your mind, body and spirit. To use your sport as an opportunity, reach higher states of consciousness. Although geared towards athletes this is a handbook for reality creation.

Check out the Matt Belair podcast where I interview the most conscious, inspiring, leaders and thinkers on the planet and share their stories, lessons and wisdom to help you master your mind body and spirit.

With great success coaching world class athletes on mastering the mental game of sport and helping individuals design and create the life of their dreams I have an arsenal of tools to take you to the next level. If you are looking to go down the path of self discovery and elevate your consciousness, expand your horizons, break past limitations, and achieve your peak potential this coaching is for you.

Living a life that has given me a wealth of experience and knowledge on mindset, self development, zen, consciousness, leadership, spirituality, energy work and more has allowed me to share these concepts with great passion. Inquire to have me speak on any of the these topics at your next event.

EP # 16 | Cities of the Future, Augmented Reality, Group Transcendence and More with Rob Jameson

City Planner, Futurist, and tech wizard Rob Jameson shares some incredible insights in this episode. Here are some topics that are covered.

– Cities of the future
– Augmented reality
– Group transcendence
– Using augmented reality and modern technology to create global peace
– Mind, Body, Spirit elements of a city
– The mind virus of “legacy”
– Robs top 3 books
– Group flow and telepathy

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EP 15 | Ascended Masters, 5th Dimensional Awareness, and a Guide to Awakening

In this podcast you will discover;

– What Shore has learned from meditating 8-12 hours a day over the last year and a half
– The quickening of our planet and human consciousness
– 5th dimensional thinking and awareness
– A guide to beginning your awakening
– Free will and your purpose on the planet at this time
– Ego, Illusion, experiencing the creator
– Ascended masters, Yoganada, Jesus, Kabbalah

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