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Dr. Joe Dispenza Advanced Workshop Review: A Journey Through Time-Space and Space-Time

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“I was taken back to one of my past lives, I saw myself being stretched out, on all fours, on a stone slab. This was happening because I was a philosopher at the time preaching counter culture.” Dr. Joe continued, “they were going to torture me unless I agreed to stop teaching. So I agreed, with the intention that after I was released, I would teach again. When they let me go I never taught again. I moved to a cave and spent the rest of my life in contemplation….read more

How to Understand and Apply the Law of Attraction with Michael Losier

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In this episode with best selling author of the Law of Attraction Michael Losier breaks explains what the Law of Attraction is in the simplest possible way. We then go through a training session in applying the law of attraction to our lives. He has taught millions of people around the world, been interview by Oprah Winfrey and has trained facilitators around the world so they can teach the Law of Attraction in their community. In this episode you will discover: What the law of attraction is and how it works…read more

Discover the World of Enlightenment, Ayahuasca and Burning Man with Michael Sanders

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In this episode of the Matt Belair podcast I interview author, mover and shaker Michael Sanders. His background is an unique as it is impressive and if you want to dive deep into the world of natural energy, ayahuasca, enlightenment and more you’re going to want to tune into this show! In this episode you will learn What Ayahuasca is and how it can transform your life Insights into Burning Man and burner culture Learn about Michael’s clean energy company Sun Moon Energies Tons of tips on mindfulness including practical ways…read more

Book Review Looptail: How One Company Changed the World by Reinventing Business

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We live in world where business is driven by bottom line and profit, where the almighty dollar is the priority regardless of the effects. To endlessly fatten the pockets of our share holders regardless of the real world costs. This type of business can no longer be sustained, we must move forward, we must transcend this archaic and outdated way of thinking. We must begin to think of our businesses as extensions of ourselves. The illusions of race, border, religion, upbringing, sexuality are labels that divide us and cause us…read more