The Coming Global Revolution

Rainn Wilson talks about his view on the coming global revolution.  I agree with this video as I see  humanity moving from a destructive self serving consciousness to a new awakened consciousness. The characteristics of this evolved consciousness will be love, compassion, togetherness, awareness, self sustainability and care for the planet and all of it’s creatures. The system we live in is so clearly broken and the only way for us to survive as a species is to tear the walls down of our current given and accepted paradigm and rebuild new institutions, social beliefs, and ways of thinking that honour or true nature. This revolution will be an evolution of consciousness where we switch from the insanity of war, self service, and destruction to the sanity and purity of love for ourselves and others. You can be a part of the evolution and change right now without waiting because it is here now. You are making more of an impact than you could possibly know by being kind to others, showing compassion, lending a hand. These small gestures go a long way and when people begin acting like this the love will spread like wildfire and we’ll soon hit the turning point where we’ll look back at our ways with awe in wondering how we ever could have acted in such an archaic and ruthless manor towards each other and the planet. Be the change today, show kindness, love and compassion today and know deep down inside it is making a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE!

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Ted Talk on Modern Slavery: Be Grateful

The fact that modern slavery exists as I have witnessed first hand throughout my travels can and will break your heart if you truly accept the truth of the cruelty of the world. The important thing is not to allow yourself to fall into depression but to be aware, to open the conversation and to do the little things you can to help. Each person is on their own journey and some choose extremely difficult paths. To witness slavery should give you great opportunity to show gratitude for your own situation, to inspire you to show love and compassion to everyone you meet. You are FREE, everyone is struggling with something and your actions may go a long way without you knowing it. We are all one and we must start acting like it!

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Ten Ways to Be More Zen

The paradox of Zen is that it is here and now and there is nothing to be attained. The essence of Zen is to LET GO and BE PRESENT in each and every moment. As your mind wanders, worries, frets, creates anxiety, and is let loose it creates mental baggage that cloud the mind. A pure mind has focus and achieving this type of focus must be practiced to achieve the results. I invite you to simply choose one or two of the following list and apply it with ultimate discipline for a day and you’ll notice within a short time a great weight being lifted from your shoulders.


Ten ways to Zen
Ten ways to Zen


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Discover the Real You – Alan Watts Video Lecture

In this brief video by Alan Watts about the real you it contains more truth than I can express and mystery in it’s simplicity for those who are in the process of waking up or enlightenment. The main principle of this brief video is realizing that you are one with all things and that you are at the same time the centre of the universe in your experience and you hold real and infinite power. Consciousness and the human experience is simply a learning process in which we forget our true power and connectedness and our purpose is to find it again or put even more simply to be alive, to grow, to work in accordance with everything, naturally as a tree grows. Observe the silence, observe your feelings, this understanding can never be realized with the conscious mind thinking it’s way there, so you must begin to let go of who you are, rather who you “think” you are. You must let go totally, completely, and absolutely and in doing so you will discover the real you. You are everything, you are the creator, be kind to yourself and embrace your right to freedom of mind, body, and soul.

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The Story of the 99 Year Old Saint Dobri Dobrev: A Lesson in Living with Less

Buddhists believe that the root of all suffering comes from desire or attachment. Our society shoves consumerism down our throats daily, which most people don’t realize causes us to acquire an unconscious belief that “we don’t have enough” “we need more to be complete, happy, satisfied or content”. It is this wrong thinking that causes so many a great deal of pain. If you’re reading this you’re probably in the top percentage of the world for food, shelter, opportunity and abundance and even though this is true research has shown us that for the most part poor countries are happier than wealthy ones as evidenced in this article by Henry Makow where he goes so for to state that Materialism = Misery.

This fundamental error in thinking will always leave you feeling unfulfilled. To desire to grow as a person and achieve your goals is only a natural evolution and in itself is natural. The desire to help others is not true desire as my refugee monk Chanda explained to me in Nepal, however you must do this in a state of non-attachment to your goal and a state of pure gratitude for everything you have now. I have witnessed these concepts first hand in countries like Nepal and Cambodia where the people are happy, helpful, incredible people who have very little to offer and will give you everything they can in a heartbeat. They work but do not sacrifice all of their time for work as we do and they truly appreciate every blessing that they have.

Dobri Dobrev is nearly 100 years old and is a beautiful example of selflessness and compassion. A veteran of world war two, which cost him most of his hearing Dobri walks 25 km by foot in his homemade shoes and clothing to ask or as some see it beg for donations, not for himself but to donate to his local Churches, orphanages and monasteries in his hometown of Sofia, Bulgaria. Dobri sustains himself on his government pension of only $80 euros per month and for decades has given 100% of his donations to these organizations truly embodying selflessness and non-attachment. It is estimated that over the years Dobri has raised in the neighbourhood of $40,000 euros.

99 year old saint
99 year old saint (photo credit


It is certainly unnecessary to go to the lengths of Dobri and relinquish all possession such as a Sadhu in India does and devote your life to service of others and the spiritual path. However it is absolutely mandatory you consider the implications of a story like this for your own life. To sit and ponder about your own thoughts, deeds and actions. Question how much suffering and unfulfillment you are causing yourself by not being grateful for what you have and desiring more. As you begin to really think about the question I just presented you allow yourself to go one step further in the direction of enlightenment and selflessness by gaining a new understanding for the lessons all ascended masters were trying to teach. In a life of selflessness and service to others you will gain more clarity, happiness, fulfillment, and spiritual growth.


Dobri Dobrev the 99 year old saint painted on a building
Dobri Dobrev the 99 year old saint painted on a building (photo credit


As most people meander aimlessly in a confused stupor in their lives about what their purpose is, how can I be happier and more fulfilled they’re  ignorant to simple truths. Stop being so damn selfish and greedy, be truly grateful for everything that you have, your health, friends, food, opportunities, clothing, family, car, bus, everything. The next step is to surrender to desire and attachment, allow everything you have to be enough and desire to grow as a person towards your goals but don’t let their success be your reason for happiness, be happy now! The final step and this is the most important is to show love and compassion to everyone you meet and all living things because the reality is that  they are a reflection of you, they are you. Buddha, Christ, Krishna and all realized teachers knew this and although it sounds a bit outlandish it’s true, everything you see is merely a mirror of yourself. Everything that you project will come back to you and it is your duty as a human being on this planet to be of service to others. This doesn’t have to mean doing anything grand it can be a smile, a compliment, a helping hand when needed to show true compassion and love to all that you meet will fill your heart with more happiness than any material object ever could. Through your deeds so you become, everything you do, say, or even think matters and it has real power. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others, be happy and grateful now, do your best not to get swept up into the illusion that wants to guide you away from the truth about yourself and all things.


“Do not be misled by what you see around you, or be influenced by what you see. You live in a world which is a playground of illusion, full of false paths, false values and false ideals. But you are not part of that world.”

Sai Baba


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It’s all for you

It’s All for You

Every sunrise

Every full moon

Every smile

Every tear

Every song

Every love

 Every heartache

It’s only for you

All for you

To grow

To learn

To let go

To surrender

It is you

It’s all for you

The Famous Zen Story of Non Attachement

Kitano Gempo, abbot of Eihei temple, was ninety-two years old when he passed away in the year 1933. He endeavored his whole like not to be attached to anything. As a wandering mendicant when he was twenty he happened to meet a traveler who smoked tobacco. As they walked together down a mountain road, they stopped under a tree to rest. The traveler offered Kitano a smoke, which he accepted, as he was very hungry at the time.

“How pleasant this smoking is,” he commented. The other gave him an extra pipe and tobacco and they parted.

Kitano felt: “Such pleasant things may disturb meditation. Before this goes too far, I will stop now.” So he threw the smoking outfit away.

When he was twenty-three years old he studied I-King, the profoundest doctrine of the universe. It was winter at the time and he needed some heavy clothes. He wrote his teacher, who lived a hundred miles away, telling him of his need, and gave the letter to a traveler to deliver. Almost the whole winter passed and neither answer nor clothes arrived. So Kitano resorted to the prescience of I-King, which also teaches the art of divination, to determine whether or not his letter had miscarried. He found that this had been the case. A letter afterwards from his teacher made no mention of clothes.

“If I perform such accurate determinative work with I-King, I may neglect my meditation,” felt Kitano. So he gave up this marvelous teaching and never resorted to its powers again.

When he was twenty-eight he studied Chinese calligraphy and poetry. He grew so skillful in these arts that his teacher praised him. Kitano mused: “If I don’t stop now, I’ll be a poet, not a Zen teacher.” So he never wrote another poem.

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DMT and the Unveiling of the Illusion

I’ve been crying. Over and over again. The warm water poured over my body as I emptied the tears from my eyes in the shower. The beginnings of a release a realization an evolution of self. These episodes are not tears of sadness but of joy, of peace, and love as my understanding of who and what I am grows to new levels. To feel and experience the infinite power of yourself, the creator and the universe is profound and unexplainable. There does not exist at this time sufficient words to describe the intangible and most people skew perversely any notion of god or Christ consciousness as I did most of my life.


Deep inside within all of us is the turmoil of dealing with our existence. Some choose not to ask the big questions, who or what am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What the actual fuck is going on? I am not one of those people, however those are the questions we all ask even if only unconsciously.


I see pain and suffering in people every day struggling with internal conflicts, battles with self-love and worth. Confused, sedated, feeling helpless and hopeless when liberation from all of that is possible right now with a change in thinking. It’s so easy and at the same time virtually impossible. The strong releases I have been experiencing have certainly been influenced by Ayahuasca ceremonies and one experience with smoking 5 meo DMT where you are privileged to get to see behind the curtain of reality. A place I always knew existed and have experienced in meditation but much more profound and clear. It’s like if you were watching a film in 2D and that’s all you ever knew and then all of a sudden someone shows you 3D, DMT is 4D so to speak. These experiences have been insightful and at the same time the lessons can be learned without their help and it’s only reaffirming things I already knew.


The game of life we choose to play is merely an illusion and Nicola Tesla once said “If you want to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration” and he was correct. Our reality is merely a reflection of ourselves and the truth is that it’s not even real. Questioning your reality is absolutely paramount for true self discovery. Ascended masters such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krisha, books on Zen and enlightenment are all attempting to show us the truth. We are all one, we are light, we are love and separation is merely an illusion and these are concepts that don’t seem to make much sense to many, however science and quantum mechanics is beginning to prove what so many know to be true. We know this because we can feel it, we are the energy, we are the vibration and if it weren’t for my friends and people I’ve met who I can share this with I’d probably think I was insane, I still question it. The real insanity is this reality and what others choose to do to each other not realizing they are doing to themselves.


The power of god, the creator, or whatever word feels right for you is everywhere all of the time and you are that power, you have to be. It is a feeling and an understanding I wish I could bestow upon each and every person who feels alone, depressed, unloved and lost and ultimately that’s not my privilege nor should it be. Every individual has the opportunity grow and come to a place of inner peace, stillness, and enlightenment on their own accord through the choices they make. When you find it you understand that we are love. I struggled intensely for years on the helplessness I felt for the suffering of the planet with war, starvation, etc and have come to the conclusion that the suffering is necessary to grow, it’s a catalyst. As I sit and write these words my conscious mind struggles to make it logical, captivation, and intriguing and the truth is right now I’m simply vibrating, I am in a trance being used as an outlet as we all are. I feel the need to write not so that my words are perfect and profound but simply to write. If you choose to believe in the power of yourself and the power of the creator all things truly are possible. Meditate on love and compassion daily, show yourself love and compassion, if you need something ask, pray, connect they are listening, we are not alone.


The day after a session with DMT I sat for breakfast at my window as I do everyday. I noticed a baby duck continue to dive and stay underwater for long periods of time and was curious why until I saw the awe inspiring wing span of a bald eagle swoop down at the end of my dock repeatedly. This was not coincidence as I have made a life of staring down the rabbit hole and I know my spirit animal is an eagle. I have seen eagles before but nothing as profound, majestic, and spiritual as this experience was. I watched as it flew around right at the very end of my dock and luckily I didn’t watch him get the bird because that would have made me sad. I’ve been sitting in reflection for the last few days coming to terms with the universal truths I have been deeply, deeply realizing. In Zen the masters will talk about levels of understanding of simple truths and I have made giant leaps in the following truths.


  1. We are all one, separation is an illusion
  2. The highest vibration is love


Life is difficult and even with these understandings I need to function in the insane reality that we are trapped in for the time being however I am more at peace with it than I have ever been in my entire life. If we enter each day with pure love and gratitude knowing that we are taken care of. If we choose to look at the dark and “bad” things in our life and choose to find the lessons and look for the good you will find it. Reality is simply an illusion, a game, a test. The only choice we get is how we respond to the external and when you set your inner vibration to love, compassion, and gratitude you free yourself from mountains of unnecessary pain and confusion.


Just breathe, just be, that is all you ever have to do.


With Love,


–       Matt



“The veil of illusion shown bare in stillness

The light within, your beacon to the eternal

Reflect not on the darkness while accepting the gift of wisdom it brings

Shine the light so spirit may find you and you spirit

Shine the light bright so that others may be lifted from the darkness”

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