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Michael Jordan Talking About Mastering the Mental Game of Sport

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Here are two quick videos of Michael Jordan speaking about the mental game of sport. He talks about the importance of being able to stay relaxed before competition and how the mental game separates the good athletes from the great ones!

A Simple Guide For Herculaen Strength and Doubling Your Deadlift!

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So you want superhuman strength and to double your deadlift? Although you might not quite double your deadlift as I did you’ll be guaranteed to see a dramatic increase with this routine. As a martial artist, snowboarder and skateboarder I rarely touched weights until I came across a guy named Pavel Tsatsouline who is a straight up boss when it comes to strength training. Following his protocol I went from deadlifting 225 lbs to 415 lbs in just 3.5 months! If you are an athlete like myself and don’t want your training…read more

One Exercise to Give Superhuman Core Strength and Work the Entire Body!

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Calisthenics are a tremendous way to build up your strength. When you add a couple moves together such as the L-Hang and the Pull-Up you get one tremendous workout! Try 3 Sets of 8 L-Hang pull ups next time you’re at the gym. You can do less reps if you need to build up to it 5 sets of 2 or 3 can be a great start! Fantastic core and full body exercise. L-Hang pull-ups with rock Boulder grip for 3 sets of 8. #calisthenics #fitspo #instagood #skateboarding #followme #happy…read more

Tim Ferris Giving a Free Flight to Anywhere in the World for Helping Him Start a Revolution With Kelly Starrett!

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Tim Ferris the author of the 4 Hour Work Week and the 4 Hour body in a partnership with mobility Guru Kelly Starrett are attempting to start a revolution by creating the first ever stand up classroom. There are countless powerful benefits to standing throughout the day rather than sitting, which you can read more about online from Kelly and Tim. However the real gem here is that Tim is putting his money where his mouth is and has already donated $10,000 of his own money. That’s not even the best…read more

Why Your Positive Affirmations About Money May be Sabotaging You and How to Fix it!

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In this weeks episode of the Hang Out with Michael Show he teaches you why your positive affirmations may be preventing you from getting what you want and how to fix it! Michael is the best selling author of the Law of Attraction  and as a guest expert on the panel and we have a great show that gives excellent tools and advise for manifesting more money and mastering the law of attraction!