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The Connection Between The Fibonacci Sequence and Ayahuasca: Fibonacci 3D Sculpture Video

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The Fibonacci sequence or the “Golden Ratio” has been said by some to be the mathematical equation of the universe.  A bold statement I know but when you really look at the heart of the matter, true or not there is some incredible and inescapable proof in nature, which is why the sequence is linked with divinity or spirituality and so has Ayahuasca. The reason someone may embark on an Ayahuasca journey, which includes a strict diet, a willingness to explore yourself more deeply than ever and making a conscious…read more

What Will Be Your Biggest Regret? Quote of the Day

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  Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do but keep putting off? Is there something within you that is dying to get out? Maybe a passion deep within, a place to go, a person to talk to, a career or desire? We all know deep within what drives us, motivates us, gets our heart racing and filled with passion. We all deserve a life of fulfillment and it is our CHOICE to chase it or let it die within us. Regret will hurt much more than failure because…read more

3 Life Changing Lessons and Lectures from Terence Mckenna

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Terence Mckenna was a philosopher, author, lecturer and possibly most notably recognized as a psychonaut. He spoke on a variety of subjects including consciousness, culture, language, metaphysics and more. He was able to fuse the metaphysical with the scientific as few can. Terence had some underlying themes in his lectures and I am going to share the three most important messages he was trying to share with YOU and all of mankind.   1. Reclaim Your Mind, Reclaim Your Life Almost all of his lectures at one point or another…read more