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How to Answer the Question “So What Do You Do?” The BEST WAY!

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In episode #99 of the hang out with Michael show (best selling author of the Law of Attraction) you discover the best way to answer the question “So what do you do?”. You learn a simple two part system that allows you to answer that question while triggering curiosity and increasing your chances of business and referrals. As a mental strength coach and certified Law of Attraction facilitator I’m featured once again as an expert in the panel. There art tons of incredible episodes with different teaching points on the law…read more

Interview on Sci TV with Matt Belair On Mastering the Mental Game of Sport

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Here is the recent interview I did with the sports conflict institute about mastering the mental or inner game of sport. We cover a few concrete strategies for achieving your best and touch on common problems athletes encounter and how to overcome them!

Pablo Picasso Quote: Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life

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Most of us at some point have been curious about the meaning and purpose of our lives. In this quote Picasso simplifies those questions beautifully. Our lives are meant to be full of unknowns and mystery and all we can do is follow our intuition and listen to our gut. To find meaning in life do more of the things that you are interested and passionate about, activities that bring you joy. In short follow your heart and pursue meaning and experience above all else. The heart will lead you…read more

Tony Hawk: Mental Toughness and Landing the First 900 on a Skateboard Ever!

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In this video Tony Hawk describes the lessons he learned along the way to landing the first ever 900 on a skateboard. He goes into detail about the mindset of what it takes to do what has never been done! The link is below because the S.O.B wouldn’t embed for some reason, certainly worth a watch! Tony Hawk: Mental Toughness and the Lessons Learned from Landing the First 900 on a Skateboard! #mindset #psychology #commitment #dedication #passion #superhero #superhuman Posted by Zen Athlete on Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tom Pages UNBELIEVABLE Winning Run from Redbull X-Fighter From Madrid!

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Check out Tom Pages UNBELIEVABLE Winning run from Redbull X Fighters in Madrid. The amount of skill, concentration, focus, dedication it takes to put a run like this together is incredible! Tom is on another level when it comes to confidence, handling fear and being able to perform under pressure! If you want to learn how to master your mind and perform your best check out