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Episode #2 Don Miguel Ruiz Jr: Attachment, Awareness, Awakening, Peace and Paris

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This podcast interview with Don Miguel Ruiz Jr was a true honour. He goes in depth and shares the deep wisdom that has been passed down his family for generations. He gives practical tools and offers beautiful perspectives for living a life of freedom. We also touch base on the recent tragedy in Paris and he offers beautiful wisdom for dealing with this even and others like it. Don Miguel is a true master and it was a privilege to spend some time with him!  

Beastified Podcast: The Art of Self Mastery and Sport Psychology with Matt Belair

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The mental game of sport and sport psychology is essential knowledge if you are going to achieve your highest potential in sport and life. I have been doing a great deal of podcast interviews lately and looking forward to doing more. The boys over at Beastified have a great mission and I was happy to share an hour with them! Episode Breakdown EPISODE BREAKDOWN: The mental techniques and practices of Kung Fu monks in china & Buddhist Monks in Nepal Meditation and Spiritual Enlightenment How to overcome unhealthy habits through…read more

Zen, Tao, Sport Psychology and More: Podcast Interview with The Steep Side of the Mountain

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Here is the recent podcast interview I did with Emmanuel Wolfe from the Steep Side of the Mountain. We talk about sport psychology, mindset, Zen the Tao and more.  

Podcast: Understanding and Overcoming Depression, Suffering, and Anxiety to Experience More Happiness

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The first Matt Belair podcast where I interview good friend Anders Petersen on how we can understand and overcome depression, suffering and anxiety to experience more happiness.

My Best Pictures of the Epic 2015 Blood Moon/Super Moon/Lunar Eclipse

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These are the best pictures I took of the blood moon. Most of the pictures are as shot or only very slightly enhanced. With photoshop and light room you can easily get creative but I kept these as I saw it, except for a couple shots where I played around with some of the awesome natural effects.