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Why We Must Transcend the System to Save the World!

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  Our only option to change the current system that perpetuates, war, famine, isolation, poverty, greed, separation, destruction, fear and depression is to transcend it. We must work together as a group to cultivate a radically new way of thinking and living because it is our only hope. We have literally destroyed our planet and things are getting worse very quickly, we still murder each other by the thousands in wars that are only fought for profit and power. Our problems are not going to get smaller and our generation…read more

Happiness is a Birthright

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Quote from Swami Kriyananda

Two Powerful Videos on Zen by Alan Watts – The Greatest Skill and the Awakening

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Zen philosophy at it’s essence, no matter how muddled some people manage to make it is about looking at things directly and trying to understand it’s true nature. It is simply a philosophy and ideology that puts you in harmony with truth, deep understanding of self and ultimately understanding of nature and the universe. We are so hurried everyday and rushed about to accomplish things to achieve an end goal while completely missing the point. The process and practice of Zen concepts teach you to really observe, really connect, to…read more