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Why Your Positive Affirmations About Money May be Sabotaging You and How to Fix it!

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In this weeks episode of the Hang Out with Michael Show he teaches you why your positive affirmations may be preventing you from getting what you want and how to fix it! Michael is the best selling author of the Law of Attraction  and as a guest expert on the panel and we have a great show that gives excellent tools and advise for manifesting more money and mastering the law of attraction!

Uncovering Your True Potential with Matt Belair

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Here is a link to an featured article I was recently a part of for limitless pursuits.

3 Steps to Uncovering Your True, Authentic Self! A No Bulls**t Guide

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To put it lightly the ego or who you think you are, think you should be, pressure you put on yourself, pressure put on you by others, your consciousness, is an asshole. It’s always tricking you to walk down meaningless roads and pursue meaningless goals, telling you to acquire shit to fill a a void that cannot be filled and trick you into thinking you’ll be happy in the future or with a certain object and so on. Essentially your ego does everything in it’s power to distract you from realizing your…read more

Russel Brand Interviews Quantum Physicist Dr. John Hagelin: Connecting with the Entire Universe Through Transcendental Meditation

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TRX: 10 Best Exercises for Leg Strength, Explosiveness and Power!

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Here are the 10 best exercises for leg strength and explosiveness using a TRX. You can take these 10 exercises and make an infinite amount of workout routines by simply picking 1-10 exercises and completing a circuit for time or repetitions.